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There are frequently many education paths to a target occupation, and there are many occupations your education could apply to!

Minimum Education Competitive Education Occupation (click on name for Oregon profile!) National Average Pathway Level
Bachelor Bachelor Actuaries $100,610  
Associate Associate Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians $68,020  
Bachelor Bachelor Aerospace Engineers $109,650  
Associate Associate Agricultural and Food Science Technicians $37,550  
Bachelor Bachelor Agricultural Engineers $73,640  
Doctorate Doctorate Agricultural Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary $91,580  
Bachelor Bachelor Animal Scientists $60,330  
Bachelor Bachelor Architects, Except Landscape and Naval $76,930  
Associate Associate Architectural and Civil Drafters $51,640  
Bachelor Bachelor Architectural and Engineering Managers $134,730  
Doctorate Doctorate Architecture Teachers, Postsecondary $79,250  
Doctorate Doctorate Astronomers $104,740  
Bachelor Bachelor Atmospheric and Space Scientists $92,460  
Doctorate Doctorate Atmospheric, Earth, Marine, and Space Sciences Tea $85,410  
Doctorate Doctorate Biochemists and Biophysicists $82,180  
Doctorate Doctorate Biological Science Teachers, Postsecondary $76,650  
Bachelor Bachelor Biological Scientists, All Other $74,790  
Bachelor Bachelor Biological Technicians $42,520  
Bachelor Bachelor Biomedical Engineers $85,620  
Bachelor Bachelor Cartographers and Photogrammetrists $62,750  
Bachelor Bachelor Chemical Engineers $98,340  
Associate Associate Chemical Technicians $45,840  
Doctorate Doctorate Chemistry Teachers, Postsecondary $76,750  
Bachelor Bachelor Chemists $73,740  
Associate Associate Civil Engineering Technicians $49,980  
Bachelor Bachelor Civil Engineers $83,540  
Bachelor Bachelor Computer Hardware Engineers $115,080  
Bachelor Bachelor Conservation Scientists $61,810  
Associate Associate Drafters, All Other $50,470  
Associate Associate Electrical and Electronics Drafters $59,970  
Associate Associate Electrical And Electronics Engineering Technicians $62,190  
Bachelor Bachelor Electrical Engineers $94,210  
Associate Associate Electro-Mechanical Technicians $55,610  
Bachelor Bachelor Electronics Engineers, Except Computer $99,210  
Doctorate Doctorate Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary $97,530  
Associate Associate Engineering Technicians, Except Drafters, All Othe $62,330  
Bachelor Bachelor Engineers, All Other $97,300  
Associate Associate Environmental Engineering Technicians $49,170  
Bachelor Bachelor Environmental Engineers $84,890  
Associate Associate Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, $44,190  
Doctorate Doctorate Environmental Science Teachers, Postsecondary $78,340  
Bachelor Bachelor Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Includin $68,910  
Master Master Epidemiologists $70,820  
Bachelor Bachelor Food Scientists and Technologists $63,950  
Bachelor Bachelor Forensic Science Technicians $56,750  
Associate Associate** Forest and Conservation Technicians $35,560 AS
Bachelor Bachelor** Foresters $58,700 Articulated
Doctorate Doctorate Forestry and Conservation Science Teachers, Postse $85,880  
Doctorate Doctorate Geography Teachers, Postsecondary $76,810  
Associate Associate Geological and Petroleum Technicians $56,470  
Bachelor Bachelor Geoscientists, Except Hydrologists and Geographers $89,780  
Bachelor Bachelor Health and Safety Engineers, Except Mining Safety $86,720  
Bachelor Bachelor Hydrologists $80,480  
Associate Associate Industrial Engineering Technicians $53,330  
Bachelor Bachelor Industrial Engineers $84,310  
Bachelor Bachelor Landscape Architects $63,480  
Bachelor Bachelor Life Scientists, All Other $73,860  
Associate Associate Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians, Al $46,040  
Bachelor Bachelor Marine Engineers and Naval Architects $93,350  
Bachelor Bachelor Materials Engineers $93,310  
Bachelor Bachelor Materials Scientists $99,430  
Bachelor Bachelor Mathematical Science Occupations, All Other $65,050  
Doctorate Doctorate Mathematical Science Teachers, Postsecondary $69,520  
Bachelor Bachelor Mathematical Technicians $49,660  
Master Master Mathematicians $105,810  
Associate Associate Mechanical Drafters $54,480  
Associate Associate Mechanical Engineering Technicians $54,480  
Bachelor Bachelor Mechanical Engineers $84,190  
Bachelor Bachelor Medical and Health Services Managers $96,540  
Doctorate Doctorate Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists $80,530  
Bachelor Bachelor Microbiologists $66,850  
Bachelor Bachelor Mining and Geological Engineers, Including Mining $93,720  
Bachelor Bachelor Natural Sciences Managers $119,850  
Bachelor Bachelor Nuclear Engineers $102,220  
Associate Associate Nuclear Technicians $79,140  
Bachelor Bachelor Operations Research Analysts $79,200  
Bachelor Bachelor Petroleum Engineers $128,230  
Bachelor Bachelor Physical Scientists, All Other $96,070  
Doctorate Doctorate Physicists $115,870  
Doctorate Doctorate Physics Teachers, Postsecondary $84,570  
Bachelor Bachelor Social Science Research Assistants $43,190  
Bachelor Bachelor Soil and Plant Scientists $62,300  
Master Master Statisticians $80,500  
HS/GED Certificate** Surveying and Mapping Technicians $42,450 15 credits
Bachelor Bachelor Surveyors $59,390  
Bachelor Bachelor Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists $60,520