Your resume has 6 Seconds to make an impactToday’s resumes need to be less about lists of job responsibilities and more about telling your story so that it demonstrates how your skills add value to the organization. Additionally, you have to use a tone that resonates with the reader and makes you memorable.



You only have about six seconds to grab their attention. That is right – six seconds.

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Most of us think of job readiness in terms of specific credentials – the right certificate or discipline area will get us that job we want. But the truth is that every single college course you make it through improves your ability to survive and thrive in a professional work place. You don’t need to get an “A”, you don’t need to be a star pupil. 

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In fact, classes where you struggle the most are often the courses where you practice the skills needed for success in the workplace because you put your nose to the grindstone, get help and do what’s asked of you. Very often successful people report repeated failures before they “get it right”. This is true for organizations, individuals, and school. So, let’s take a look at why that could be true.